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Choose from a range of cast iron jambalaya pots from the 3 gallon flat bottomed cast iron jambalaya pot to the 10 gallon cast iron jambalaya pot. There are several uses for a jambalaya pot other than cooking your favorite Louisiana jambalaya recipe. Many Cajuns use these pots to cook for larger groups, just like you would cooking in a cast iron Dutch oven. Jambalaya pots are great for soups, gumbos, etoufee, popcorn and more. Other groups in the northern states know these jambalaya pots as sugar pots, caldrons, iron kettles and kettle corn pots.

The flat bottomed cast iron jambalaya pot is a good choice for those cooking for an average sized family. These jambalaya pots have the curved inside and still can be used on a regular propane burner. They can feed about 10 people or more, depending on which dish you are cooking.

The rest of our cast iron jambalaya pots may be used directly on a campfire. Make note of the three cast iron legs. We do offer a few propane burners or gas burners for these jambalaya pots to make cooking a little easier. However, we know there are quite a few that insist on being the rugged outdoor type!




Cast Iron Stew Pot

View details 

Cast Iron Stew Pot

Jambalaya Pots

SKU: CI7411

Retail:  $325.00

Our Price:  $159.00

4 Gallon Jambalaya Pot

View details 

4 Gallon Jambalaya Pot

Jambalaya Pots

SKU: CI7404

Retail:  $300.00

Our Price:  $149.99


7 Gallon Jambalaya Pot

View details 

7 Gallon Jambalaya Pot

Jambalaya Pots

SKU: CI7407

Retail:  $360.00

Our Price:  $169.99


10 Gallon Jambalaya Pot

View details 

10 Gallon Jambalaya Pot

Jambalaya Pots

SKU: CI7410

Retail:  $460.00

Our Price:  $260.00


15 Gallon Jambalaya Pot

View details 

15 Gallon Jambalaya Pot

Jambalaya Pots

SKU: CI7415

Retail:  $600.00

Our Price:  $310.00

18 Gallon Jambalaya Pot

View details 

18 Gallon Jambalaya Pot

Jambalaya Pots

SKU: CI7418

Retail:  $750.00

Our Price:  $375.00


30 Gallon Jambalaya Pot

View details 

30 Gallon Jambalaya Pot

Jambalaya Pots

SKU: CI7430

Retail:  $1000.00

Our Price:  $550.00


2.5 Gallon Cast Iron Jamablaya Pot

View details 

2.5 Gallon Cast Iron Jamablaya Pot

Jambalaya Pots

SKU: 7419

Retail:  $200.00

Our Price:  $99.99


Jambalaya Pot Lift Hooks ( TJ Hooks )

View details 

Jambalaya Pot Lift Hooks

( TJ Hooks )

Jambalaya Pots

SKU: 0822

Retail:  $36.00

Our Price:  $15.99

Cast Iron Soup Pot

View details 

Cast Iron Soup Pot

Jambalaya Pots

SKU: 7406

Retail:  $120.00

Our Price:  $59.00



Our Jambalaya Pots usually ships within 2 - 3 days. If you need a Jambalaya Pots shipped sooner, please e-mail for availability. We do offer upgrades on shipping. Please include your day time phone number and e-mail address.









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