Bayou Classic Brewing False Bottom - 16 Gallon DISCONTINUED
$ 58.99

The Bayou Classic False Bottom is a stainless steel false bottom that sits 3 1/4" above the bottom of your pot. Use the Bayou Classic False Bottom for steaming (use as a steam tray) or brewing beer.  This Bayou Classic False Bottom fits our 16 Gallon Brew Pot.

Bayou Classic Steam Tray. Stainless Steel heavy screen with bale Handle; 15.5" diameter, High elevation seperates food above water for proper steaming; Converts the 16 gal (64 qt.) stockpot into a steamer for large batch cooking; Can also be used as a false bottom, turning the stockpot into a brew kettle. 65 Qt stainless steel stock pot with spigot sold under model number 1064.

Measures 15.5" Diameter

  • Heavy Duty Screen
  • Bale Handle
  • All Stainless Steel
  • Sits 3 1/4" above bottom of pot

Fits 64-Qt. Models: 1064, 1316, 800-416, 800-464