Bayou Classic Stainless Steel Bucket Set
$ 99.95

The Bayou Classic Beer Bucket Set includes three high quality beer buckets that will last a lifetime.  Larger outer diameter at the top than the bottom, the Bayou Classic Beer Bucket Set will keep your ice longer and your beer cold.  The Bayou Classic Stainless Beer Buckets have a bale handle made of stainless steel as well.  These beer buckets nest for easy storage.

This 3 piece stainless steel beverage bucket set is great for entertaining. You can place buckets of your favorite beverages in multiple locations. The set includes a 2.5 gallon, 3.5 gallon and a 6.5 gallon all stainless steel beverage bucket. All buckets include a stainless handle for easy carrying.

4825 2.5-GALLON 10-Qt.

Top: 11.125" O.D. • Bottom: 7.75" O.D.

Height: 8.4"


4835 3.5-GALLON 14-Qt.

Top: 13" O.D. • Bottom: 8.375" O.D.

Height: 10.25"


4888 6.5-GALLON 26-Qt.

Top: 15" O.D. • Bottom: 10.75" O.D.

Height: 11.4"