Bayou Classic Western Mesquite Wood Chunks
$ 8.75

Use the Western Mesquite Wood Chunks instead of charcoal when cooking on the grill. Western Mesquite Wood Chunks provide an authentic western flavor from the natural wood smoke. The Western Mesquite Wood Chunks start fast – you are ready to cook in 18 – 20 minutes. The Western Mesquite Wood Chunks burns hotter – because they burn hotter than charcoal, you can use 1/3 less chunks than charcoal. The Western Mesquite Wood Chunks burn cleaner – they create less than 2% residual ash. The Western Mesquite Wood Chunks bring more flavor – they give great flavor into your grilled or smoked food. And last, the Western Mesquite Wood Chunks are all natural – they are natural aromatic hardwoods that have been sized and dried with NO ADDITIVES. This is the purest form of barbecue fuel on the market today.

Lighting instructions:

Build your fire with Cookin Chunks, using 1/3 less than you would with charcoal. Start the same way you would charcoal using starter fluid. You can also start the Cookin Chunks in a chimney (follow chimney maker's instructions).

To light without fluid, pyramid Cookin Chunks over two crumpled sheets of newspaper. Let burn for 18-20 minutes with lid and all vents open. All wood should be ignited, but still flaming. Close vents and lid. Wait one minute for flames to subside. Reopen vents, place food on grill and cook with lid closed for the most flavor and to prevent flaming.

Yes, you must start cooking sooner than with charcoal to get the best of that real wood smoke flavor. Control heat by adjusting vents. Cookin Chunks burn hotter than charcoal, so don't overcook.

  • Starts fast
  • Burns hotter
  • Cleaner burning
  • More flavor than charcoal
  • All natural