Bayou Classic High Pressure Cast Iron Propane Burner
$ 19.99

The High Pressure Cast Iron Propane Burner replaces the Bayou Classic propane burners in the round burner frames (SP10, SP50). This particular high pressure cast iron burner can handle a higher heat then our fry burner and a regulator with a higher PSI. The Bayou Classic High Pressure Cast Iron Burner does include the shutter. Orifices for this cast iron burner are available for purchase. This burner gives off a blue high heat flame. The face of this cast iron burner measures 4 inches in diameter.

Many people have asked us for a BTU for this cast iron propane burner. The actual cast iron element (burner) does not determine the BTUs. The regulator determines the BTUs. You can use the 10 PSI, 20 PSI, 30 PSI and 40 PSI regulator kit with it.

  • 4 inch diameter and 9 inch length
  • Includes air shutter and spring.
  • Use with SP10 and SP50 propane burners.
  • May be used with 10, 20, 30 and 40 PSI regulators.
  • BTU rating determined by the PSIs of your regulator.